Open the Flood Gates: Now Accepting Submissions for Our Winter Journal

Dear reader,

Just as we blindingly sprint into from disproportionately humid Toronto summers into the cold embrace of Toronto winters, Torontonians will once again find reason to complain about their weather in yet another annual realization that there are only a few things worse turning than into a human popsicle while waiting for public transportation at six in the morning. Maybe having a lower back sweaty enough to cling to your dress shirt was actually not that bad?

And so, it is paramount we find retreat in fetters of embers. To that end, The Trinity Review is happy to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our upcoming winter journal. We are looking for prose, poetry, and visual arts for publication in early 2019. Please view submission details here. This is the fourth year of The Winter Journal, which was established in particular hopes of publishing new and emerging writers but as always, anyone is free to submit.

So please, consider submitting and entrusting us with your best work to, and we will deliver a journal in kind to keep the overarching cold at bay. An ember small yet an ember still.

Usman Malik
131st Editor-in-Chief of The Trinity Review