Among twenty snowy edifices, the only moving thing, was the eye of The Trinity Review... calling on you, to submit generously to our Winter Journal!

The Winter Journal was created five years ago to highlight new and emerging voices in art and literature. We accept all types of submission; prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, criticism, journalism, visual art, photography, etc.

(a) Deadline is November 10th, 2019. (b) Maximum six pages of work. (c) Submissions should be in DOCX. unless a visual piece. (d) Please submit with subject line, "TR132 Winter Journal: [Your Name]" to

NOTE: Abstracts (brief summary of explanation of you work) are welcome! They are by no means necessary, but if you feel your work would benefit from a short explanation or synopsis, feel free to include one!

Trinity Review 132, Winter Journal.png