An Epistle for Introduction

Dear reader,

Welcome to the website for the biannual literary journal titled The Trinity Review. Assuming you are not familiar with us, we are the literary arts journal of Trinity College at the University of Toronto. We publish prose, poetry and visual arts in two journals in the year- one in the winter and one in the spring. We are now in our 131st (!) year of running, and hope to continue to provide an opportunity for students to have their works published and to enrich the student body with contemporary artworks.

Building a website has been a longtime goal, and it is our pleasure to finally present a tangible product in your hands- not only do we hope to expand our readership and notoriety beyond our cozy little college, but we also hope to preserve our works for future generations for both students and the general populace alike. After all, a lot of work has gone into past issues from both editors and contributors and it would be a shame to lose that to the tides of time. We are slowly updating our archives as we get our hands on older material, but this is a long-term goal as some difficulty is to be endured in procuring past journals.

We will also be using this website for purposes of updates, events and news. We will be accepting submissions soon, and know that we do not discriminate based on student status- people of all ages, students and non-students alike are encouraged to submit.

So come in and find a nice spot by the fireplace- its going to be fun, a little peculiar at times but a grand old time in all. The Trinity Review invites you to stay a while and listen, and we would equally like to hear what you have to say as well.

And “If that is elementary, then reader, I am reading you.”

- E.L Doctorow, The Book of Daniel


Usman Malik

131st Editor of The Trinity Review