The Trinity Review 132: Call for Applications!

Within this surreal air of an early gone summer and a timid autumn, The Trinity Review returns for its 132nd year, and beckons creative souls to join its musings. This year, we are looking for (a) Associate Editors, (b) Design Editor, and (c) Webmaster. Below are details for each position, and how to apply for them. You are free to apply to as many positions as you’d like. Applications are due Friday, October 4th, and should be sent to

(a) As an Associate Editor, you will be assisting us with the creation of our issues, from reading submissions to providing criticisms during meetings. Your application should consists of: A general statement of interest, your reasons for applying to a literary journal, the skills/experience you have to offer in producing, editing and critiquing creative work, and some commentary/critique on any TWO pieces in this package:

( which consist of selections from previous issues.

(b) As Design Editor, you will help oversee the digital creation and refinement of our issues alongside our editorial board. Experience with Adobe InDesign, or similar [digital design applications] is required. Your application should consist of: A general statement of interest, reasons for applying, brief description of skillset and past experiences in digital design and editing, and a list of programs/devices you are comfortable using. Please feel free to include a portfolio if you would like!

(c) As the Webmaster, you will help develop our website and manage its content, which includes an ever-growing archives of past issues. If you are well-versed in social media management (Facebook, Instagram), that is great too. Your application should consist of: A general statement of interest, reasons for applying, and brief description of skillsets and past experiences with website management.

Once again, applications are due Friday, October 4th at midnight. Please keep application length to one page. Additionally, applying to any of these positions will not prevent you from submitting your own work to the journal, as submissions are completely anonymous to the editorial board. Please send us a message/e-mail if you have any questions whatsoever!

Best of luck!